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    So I'm quite sure I am an INFP, but reading up on all the traits and qualities of an INFP I have a few questions.

    I've read that INFP's are very passionate. What exactly does that mean, it's not very narrowed down. I mean there is stuff I like bur I'm not just driven toward a certain passion. I'm not sure what my passion is exactly. I do enjoy writing and making creative videos, but unless I'm writing about something I have experienced I get bad writers block. I don't have a social justice thing I'm passionate about. I do have a hard set of beliefs that I stand by. I believe everyone should have the freedom to do as they please so long as they are not hurting themselves or others, plus i do my best not to judge because I feel there is always a good reason behind the action. I cant stand people who judge others so harshly when they don't even know the person. So the whole passion thing has me a bit confused.

    Also this is more on the introverted side of things. Introverts get energy by spending time alone, and prefer time alone. I am kind of like that...but sometimes I annoy my other introverted friends because I'm just itching to get out and socialize. I get bored sitting at home day in and day out...I just want to get out. My friend says maybe it's because I'm in so much that I've stored a bunch of energy and need to use it up. My friend will go out a couple days in a row with his gf, then when I want to hang out all he wants to do is sit around, but I've been sitting around for two days. So even though I sometimes have an itch to get out, would I still be an introvert? I do get really worn out after hanging out a lot though and long to be back home. Its like a never ending cycle.

    Now on the subject of writing, I hear a lot of INFP's love to write. I do love to write, but as I said above I get writers block SO bad. I can write reflections really well, putting my thoughts on paper. Plus I'm good at writing little stories about how I feel, metaphors I guess. Yet, I go to write a big story and half way through go blank and the story never gets finished. I haven't written a big story in a long time...mostly just reflections and small stories related to my feelings. Also if INFP's are good writers does that mean they have good grammar? My grammar is awful. I get these awesome daydreams in my head and go to write it out and the grammar makes it sound really bad, its so awesome in my head but comes out all "Blah". On that note I have a really hard time finding the right words to describe things a lot. I've had to pause a lot writing this to think on how to word things, not a problem you would think good writers have. Though I am good at simplifying things with use of metaphors and stories. If I can describe something with a story it's very easy. Like the last thing I wrote was about my anxiety disorder. Anxiety a feeling that is not easy to describe to someone who hasn't fully felt it. Explaining a disorder can be difficult, but I wrote a story personifying anxiety as a dark angel/demon that attacks me. Doing that made people understand how I feel so much better, and people who have issues with anxiety said it was like I pulled it right from their head. yet if you asked me to describe it in any other way I'd be like, "Uh,'s a bad feeling you get sometimes. It really....uh...its hard to explain. Um. You get freaked out over small silly things that are not realistic, kinda." It'd be difficult. So my writing isn't this amazing flowing string of words like the descriptions of INFP's talk about.

    I seem to fit into most parts of an INFP but there are some parts that seem blurred to me. One thing I know is right is an INFP's huge imagination. I daydream constantly. I always have little scenarios playing in my head, sometimes I voice them and my friends and co-workers find them hilarious. Others are more serious, but I'm always daydreaming. My imagination seems to be vast.

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    You could be enfp cuz enfps are usually the most introverted extroverts and INFPs usually are the most introverted introverts

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    You sound more like an ENFP than an INFP to me. But just to make sure, you should try reading up some ENFP traits and see if you can relate to any of that stuff. Good luck

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    ENFPs are the ones who mistype as INFPs, not vice versa. So just keep in mind that ENFPs are quiet extroverts and INFPs are the stereotypical quiet introverts.
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    Alright, you are a full-blown INFP. Yes, we want to go out with our friends. I want to all the time. That doesn't mean we're not introverted! I don't have 10,000 friends, so i take any time with my friends as i can get! So, I still believe you are an INFP, as I have the exact same thoughts.

    Passion is not the definition you may think. It just means you have important core reliefs, and will fight for what you believe in, not necessarily "passion". Idk what that is.

    Now, you're writer's block. I get that constantly. You are a true INFP because you enjoy writing about feelings and your thoughts. And I get what you mean that you can't finish a project. THat is actually a common INFP thing. I have tried to write entire books, but I never get them done, so it's definitely common. Plus, what you said about your imagination and daydreams, means that all of these things combine means...

    You're INFP!!!! And we love you for it.
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