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Thread: ENFP Moments

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    Quote Originally Posted by angell_m View Post
    Wait. You expect your ex to show up at your birthday? I mean, I don't keep in touch with ANY of my ex's. Or was this while you were still together?
    He didn't show up when we were still together.
    I'm way over it now of course =P That was so long ago, lol
    It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tortoise View Post
    Yeah, there are very few situations where seriousness is truly necessary. Even business meetings. People love it if you lighten things up. I used to think I had to pretend to be a serious person but that's crap. (Do Americans use the word 'crap' to mean anything other than a dice game?)

    I only pretend to be serious when going through airport security. I think it's probably illegal to be silly there. You'll get tazed to death if you do anything remotely different from 'normal' in there.
    lol yes true.

    and yes we use crap that same way! like "bullshit", etc. i totally agree people usually appreciate things being lightened up when they get too heavy. we have a gift, you know! we can be serious and light at the same time. lol.

    i lived in northern europe for a while and had to turn the silly down a good bit lol

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