So there I was, in the hall of a mountain. On the floor was an instrument so indescribable in nature. This intrigued me further. It was made out of brass, and yet I knew not how it was constructed. It was similar to a french horn or a baritone in nature.

It is at this point that I noticed some other presence. It was female, and I realized it to be very quite dark. I turned and saw it, a vampire.

I followed it out to a clearing. It was a particularly odd thing. I was in a forest, yet I was in a clearing the entire time.

This lead to a mansion type house, infinite in possibility. I went inside. There was a family of vampires. The one I saw earlier. I learned from them that they were suffering. I was the only person left. I was their last meal. As such, it was my task to find out how to give them their peace. If I completed this, I would be spared. If not, I assumed I would not be spared.

There were several vampires. There was the leader, and then there was a sort of scribe. This scribe had a whole book of notes.

They kept me close that time, explaining their predicament much like I would explain mine.

Now, first thing I did was take a walk around the house. Did exploring. Then it became day, I didn't even know it was night, and all the vampires... disappeared. So I set out looking for those notes. I really had no idea how to save them. So I set out to learn.

One day wasted, although I found some of the notes, they were quite useless housekeeping type stuff. The amount of furniture they have.

I do distinctly remember that after this I did not see the scribe any longer, and the vampires were displeased with my inquisitiveness.

So then, night came, and no results. So then, the next day, I go out. This was interesting, because I just stuck it out in a direction, and went. Heard music. Found an organ. It was not playing Toccata and Fugue in D minor. There was no person around. The way an organ works is that there would be a guy pumping the organ in a little enclosure while the player played. This enclosure happened to be closed. For whatever reason, I waited here and listened to the music. It was nice. Then I opened the door to the enclosure and there was a skeleton. The music stopped at the exact same time.

Then I woke up and thought about what would happen next. I figured that the guy got away and had some fantastic adventure elsewhere, but in all honesty, I don't know why this dream stopped recurring after the second day. Probably because I thought about it too much. This dream took two nights to play through. Each night is separated by a day. After that, nothing. This was the first of my interesting dreams. I'll post the next one tomorrow.

I must say, it always surprises me how short this one is.