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Thread: ENFx shadow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alcea rosea View Post
    Oh dear, somebody got banned in my thread.
    *runs and hides*
    That person was not a good representation of INFJs... :steam:

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    Quote Originally Posted by alcea rosea View Post
    I'm wondering a type of this one person I've met some time ago. My first guess of this person's type was ESFJ. Then after some conversations S turned into N. She even made some of those online MBTI tests and turned out to be ENTJ (!) and ENFP.

    I have been thinking of her type because neither of those above mentioned types seem to match her. In my opinion (and because I don't trust online tests too much) she is definitely not ENTJ and she is definitely a feeler and she said it herself.

    About her possible ENFPness. She doesn't strike me as one but I thought she might be ENFP anyway but she is pretty much acting like a stressed one, so her shadow (ISTJ?). This person could be also ENFJ but I don't know how stressed ENFJ's (or other ENFP's) behave.

    So, that made me wonder how other ENFx's behave when they are very stressed out? I'm asking so I could compare it to how I perceive this person.

    She could have well defined Te. You need to look at the functions.
    ENFP (Ne, Fe, Te, Si)
    ENFJ (Fe, Ni, Se, Ti)

    You will find that intuitives start conversations with S mainly because a large percentage of the world is S dominant. It is a way to assimilate. Then, once they realize that they can go intuitive...they generally go nuts. Each type has a different reason for it.

    To decide, I would deduce the type through the functions.

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