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Thread: NF Arrogance

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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    in the actual fuck if we're talking about how people are conceived, the man puts his penis into a woman's vagina they thrust and stuff then the dude ejaculates the woman's egg gets fertilized 9 or so months later a baby pops out.
    Hmm. I wasn't aware
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    Quote Originally Posted by jscrothers View Post
    Hmm. I wasn't aware
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    There lacks 'right' arrogance and 'wrong' arrogance. Arrogance holds the ego as a charge within the patchwork of social enmity. The truth of fact, perception, tact, understanding and wisdom plays all its roles on where arrogance becomes problematic. An issue in the first post within the thread is the NF and NT divide and the formulation of something called NT-type thinking. If one were to look at the functions of the types, it is clear the differences in the manner in which every type would think would, on an abstract level, be different to any other type. As of the example that an XNTJ would have a highly different thinking process to an XNTP. The play in the very nature of these temperaments now go on to NF types of the 4 arrogantly believing they have the same style of thinking than the NT-types... to which one could ask which NT-type? Is it believed that an ENFP, INFJ, INFP or ENFJ believes they are able to think like... well one of the four NT-types? The thought is quite petty. Indeed there are of the arrogant in all the 16 types however the practice of the average human is among multiple threads of various unrelated dichotomies. For the thought in that an NT type who wishes to rise beyond the scope of average understanding in areas of wisdom may find that the egotistical nature is only that which is highly irrelevant to successful social interaction. And with such the NFs may strive for such similar wisdom also and yet this may be to do with not the irrelevancy of a successful social interaction but of the emotional harmony of such. The very thought and process of goals and desires may direct a similar road. The other aspect is understanding an underlying goal of success and of the happiness that aligns with that. Such is not void in anyone including those of a psychopathic nature. Our drive is always a contentment or happiness in whatever actions we take whether it be skiing or committing suicide for one is content without the suffering of what we suffer from. Perhaps the analysis has taken a turn too detailed however it is important to understand human nature against the very temperaments we stereotypically portray to the masses causing confusion and ignorance.

    On a personal note: I dislike NFgeeks. It uses a basic understanding as well as generalisations/stereotypings of the MBTI model with Keirsey temperaments to give people a quick intuitively created model in the mind of what a person's type is, causing people to trust simplistic nuances of an individual as a weighted indication of a type or temperament.

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    What if I told you...that emotion can cloud feeling?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    I just have so much love to give. I cannot help myself.... So much love!

    Sort of like this?

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    they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.

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    One of my favorite pastimes is watching @Southern Kross and @OrangeAppled deconstruct an entire thread centered around misconceptions and biases to toss it into the fiery pits of hell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Kross View Post
    There are so many ways of talking about emotional elements that it can easily be done without even realising it. It's not always as literal as "I feel this" or "you feel that". The point is emotions and Feeling-based impressions govern far more of the world around us than NTs believe they do. They don't admit to being bad with emotions, because they often fail to recognise their existence and/or degree of influence in any one situation.
    The claim was "Secondly, it's kinda bullshit, because NTs rarely admit they are bad at feelings."

    If I thought the OP's admission wouldn't be sufficient, I'd have admitted it as well in an earlier post. I am bad at feelings, at least compared to an NF or SF. I can't see any reason for other NTs to hesitate to admit the same.

    Not seeing when emotions apply may be a flaw of NTs, but it is not the same as the claimed flaw: that we don't admit to being bad at it.

    Many NTs appear to believe that if they just ignore emotional elements then they will no longer be a factor.
    Ignoring emotional elements can cause them to no longer be a factor. Even if we can't ignore emotional elements, separating them out and considering them separately from everything else is often reasonable, and can simplify analyzing the rest. Even when emotional elements are inextricably intertwined in something, at least some parts of it can be separated out and considered apart from emotional considerations.

    the blind hubris of 'objectivity'
    Pursuing objectivity is neither blind nor arrogant. It's a very good idea. Even if we can't reach the goal of perfect objectivity, getting a reasonably close approximation is well worth the effort.

    Done right, it's not a blind spot, it's something that *helps us find our blind spots*.

    NTs are better at hard, impersonal logic - I have not issue with them saying so - but no one type is better at assessing Truth.
    Is there a difference? If so, what is it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ancalagon View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by doppelganger View Post
    NTs often dismiss emotions, but not because they don't think emotions are important (especially their own) but because they don't think emotions are relevant. For example, I don't think people's emotions are pertinent in this thread. The idea of emotions is germane since that is a topic of discussion. But not people's emotions themselves, since this is not a discussion about values but about truth--ie, is this argument true? Not is this argument good or bad?
    Very well said.
    Right here, though, is an interesting point. First of all the Feeling function isn't just about emotions, but subjective information and experience. The assumption that this is separate from truth is an interesting one because all of these things occur as part of reality. The question isn't whether or not subjective data is truth, but what are the best kinds of reasoning tools to process that data and in what way is it truth.

    One of the best ways to demonstrate this is in a discussion of pain. Pain is rooted in our perception as well as in our direct, concrete interaction with reality. Does the part that cannot be measured on medical equipment exist? Or is the perception part of it separate from truth?

    "Fact" is not the only relevant data in the universe. To throw out entire aspects of reality simply because they cannot be definitively measured and reduced to definable, logical systems is a completely arbitrary and subjective choice. Everything that occurs in reality is a part of reality and arguably relevant to the "big picture". While it's true that an emotion is not relevant to answering a specific math question, the larger, the more complex the system that one is analyzing, the more likely a variety of types of data are relevant. To dismiss anything except measurable fact, definition, and logic can lead to distorted conclusions about "Truth". It is like the surgeon who will only use a scalpel to get the job done and any aspects of surgery that do not require a scalpel are deemed irrelevant. Important perhaps, but not relevant.
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    I wrote about this briefly in my blog. I''ll post part of a quote from a thread in that group that was posing the idea to describe your life through a picture.

    This is what one guy/girl wrote:

    Swimming at sunset- or is it sunrise?- in tropical green seawater on top of luminescent jellyfish and, every once in a while, being catapulted by nematocyst-resistant dolphins through and above the water so I get a clear view. But, it's only when I come down down down into the deep ocean that I join my family & community in the school of life.
    I think that's all I need to display to say Yes, NFs are arrogant in the wrong ways.
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