I'm not quite sure what possessed me, but I found myself looking at the page(s) I first perused when trying to guesstimate my type back in 2010. I had to laugh:

INFJ Personal Growth

Specific suggestions:

- Take care to listen to someone's idea entirely before you pass judgment on it. Ask questions if neccesary. Do whatever it takes to make sure that you understand the idea. Try not to begin judging anything about the idea until you have understood it entirely.

- Before you begin talking to another person, pause for a moment and look at that person. Take in that person's attitude and feelings at that moment. Be aware of the person with whom you're speaking.

- If you become upset, walk away immediately. DO NOT express anger. When you get angry, you lose. After you have calmed down, apologize for leaving and continue with what you were doing.

- Try to identify the personality type of everyone that you encounter frequently in your life. Remember that people with the Sensing preference need to be communicated with in a direct, concise manner. Speak plainly and simply with Sensors, giving "yes" or "no" answers.

- Try to be on good terms with all people, even those that you consider beneath you. Try to understand that everybody has something to offer.
NF arrogance indeed!