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'T: I'm DEFINITELY a T, 100%. I pretty much have no emotions, compassion, etc. I live strictly by logic and scientific facts... have fully denounced religion and spirituality of any kind. I am a total pessimist and only believe in the evil in humanity. I wouldn't be caught dead doing social work, volunteering, or any other "do-gooder" type activities. I won't give money to homeless, or to charities for that matter. I'm a fucking asshole, through and through.'

Said one INTP.

I wonder what somebody who considers themselves to be 100% F would say. NFs, those of you who consider yourself '100% F', try to draw a parallel with this please. I'd like to hear from INFPs especially on this one!
I'm not 100% F, but that description does not sound 100% T to me. Being a "fucking asshole" is only logical and reasoned in certain scenarios when it produces a desired outcome based on analysis of the situation. To hold to that position regardless of context or consequence is a deeply personalized approach to life that is not objective. Sometimes there is clear reason to not be pessimistic and sometimes extending help to another person can be reasoned and not an impulse of sympathy. Thinking of humanity as "evil" is also embedded in a subjective perspective. It is equivalent in principle to thinking humanity is "good" in the same way that pessimism and optimism are equivalent in principle, but opposite in application.

I've known a few people irl that I would describe as rather close to 100% T and they are more akin to Data or Mr. Spock. They are quite calm, consistent, and certainly not what I would call assholes, but not emotionally sensitive either. They rarely (if ever) take things personally, but their initial response to everything is problem solving. Rather than thinking humanity is good or evil, one strong T I know examined the differences between long-term and short-term problem solving and how that related to what people often label as good or evil. These strong T's approach humanity in a similar way that a biologist might study apes, in that pessimism, evil, and such concepts are irrelevant.

edit: I will add that my mother is as close to 100% F as I can imagine. She experiences life in a deeply personal manner. The limitation is a tendency to project outward because the complexity and depth of the inner world overwhelms the larger, colder reality of things. The strength in her is her ability to grasp the internal world of another person for all its complexity and uniqueness. She is able to really understand and not pass judgment on others who experience hardship uniquely in their lives. That inner complexity, depth, and uniqueness is vivid to her.