What do you have to offer in a friendship? What do you have to offer in a romantic relationship?

I am just curious because I would think that a lot of what someone has to offer
a. gives me a clue in how nf's see themselves
b. gives me insight on what an nf might want from a friendship or romantic relationship (if this is what i can offer then i probably desire a partner/friend who is able to appreciate these characteristics)
c. how different types can show that they appreciate these characteristics
d. how much of you is your type (I am a aware that people arent just a type but also a combination of experiences and etc.

If you don't have a best friend or sig. other you may tell me why your future/idealistic best friend/wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend may love you to pieces. Also, why they might want to strangle you sometimes..

....If there is another thread out there like this I apologize but I do not feel like looking it up and would rather just start a new thread addressing the isssue.