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    Skyrim has been a second home to me.

    I've also heavily enjoyed GTA in the past (not RPG, I realize)
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    tl;dr ~ If I am feeling mellow and relaxed enough to become immersed within the universe of the game I am playing, then that is usually the time I'll be able to fully enjoy the open-world experience a Western RPG offers. I need to feel in character and understand such character's motives so I can make accurate choices, otherwise I can't enjoy it. I have to spend at least half an hour writing up a background story for my own persona so that I can learn to think like he/she would. I wouldn't want to be an altruistic monk and murder an innocent citizen just as I wouldn't feel the need to save or help such a citizen when I am playing a lone adventurer from a foreign land with more of a Chaotic-Neutral mindset.

    Depends on what kind of RPG is being discussed. For example, the idea of playing any JRPG for hours just sounds boring as Hell to me as a result of the scarcity of non-linear and more action-oriented fighting, as well as the fact that there's a level system. Leveling systems rarely ever make any sense and ruin a game for me because it encourages grinding... If I can't have a chance to beat a level 100 monster with a level 1 Magician, then the game is unbalanced. How could one just become 1000x more powerful by merely fighting more? For the aforementioned reasons, I place higher value on the more Western RPGs such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and Grand Theft Auto. I do realize that some of these have leveling systems, but I can still manage to defeat Alduin with merely my fists given enough time. ^_^

    Though even then, I need to be in a certain mood to play open-world RPGs... my mind tends to be so unfocused that roaming for hours can just bore me, in which case I need something more along the lines of a fast paced fighting or racing game (Smash Bros. Melee and F-Zero GX just so happen to be two of my top 10 favourite games).

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    I enjoy them greatly! They are my favorite type of videogame. But then I think the attraction has more to do with my being a 4 than being an INFP. People with enneagram type 4 personalities love to fantasize after all. And from statistics that I've seen somewhere, a lot of INFP's are 4's as well.

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