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    Default Outward signs if someone is an INFJ or INFP

    I am sure this has been asked before but at the moment I am trying to figure out if someone I know is an INFJ or an INFP, however I am not very close to that person so can mainly only go by outward clues. Which outward signs help you to differentiate between an INFJ and an INFP?

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    Ne users have more rapidly changing points of focus. Fe users are smoother with their words. Not sure if that's "outward" enough for you, but those are some things that might be easier to observe in a person you don't know well.
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    My best friend is an infp. She's more outgoingly "bubbly" and I'm more reserved. This is the most surface of observation of course. I'm incredibly playful but in real life, it takes me a awhile too warm up and relax whereas my friend is more 'go with the flow'. I'm more about going with the flow with articulating myself in a relaxed manner with new people. I'm good with new people, I have to push out of my comfort zone for new experiences or new 'flexibility' in some areas of life. My friend is all about new experiences but not with new people as much. We're quite opposite despite our similarities. She'll have empathy for a cause to an insane degree to the point where I'll find it borderline unreasonable. I will analyze shit to the point where she thinks I'm insane. Lol!
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    Yes, the INFJ surface tends to be more "smooth" and the INFP surface more "messy". The INFJ tends to protect and hide more while the INFP tends to put more out there. The INFJ tends to be more vulnerable after you've gotten past their walls while the INFP tends to be more vulnerable up front.

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