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Thread: INFJ and Japan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    I think you're confusing engineering with mechanics. Mechanics are usually S, but mechanics are not engineers, by a long shot. Engineering is not just putting industrial things together - it's outright designing and drafting new and innovative technologies. The majority of engineers are actually N.
    The most common type for engineering is actually ISTJ. Both for student and practicing engineers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    Japan makes good things better.

    Like my jeans, for instance.

    edit: same principle applies to tv's, cars,etc.. heck, even a lot of the dominant philosophy there is a building upon of other things (the social values and work ethic is confucianism and can be seen in different varieties across all of asia. zen is pretty much a mix buddhism and taoism..even iconic martial arts inventions, like the katana, are korean in origin)
    this is what i've heard as well. my instructor describes japan as a country that preserves the best cultural traditions it encounters, especially with regards to korean and chinese traditions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hideki View Post
    Anyone know anything between INFJ and the country Japan?
    Well, I do love sushi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    The most common type for engineering is actually ISTJ. Both for student and practicing engineers.
    I like that random ENFP lol

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    I've read the thread, and I do know what u guys are getting the impressions from about Japan.

    but as a person who very much loves music & all creative-related things eg: video-games, animations, fashion, etc, it is funny to know that Japan currently also have some of the BEST artistic creations such as: great variety of music (especially the indie, 'underground' artists), video games, animations, movies, and even many of those weird inventions lol.

    I used to think that these 'creative forces' probably still only amount very very few, as compared to the majority of "non-challenging corporate" type of people in Japan.. but now I've changed my mind after reading of how much Japan has changed, especially in a "soft economy/power" category, ie: those 'creative forces' that even have somewhat shaped the movement/'pop culture' in the whole Asia, even spread far to Europe, U.S, with its growing game culture, not to mention symphonic game concerts.

    Now I actually am thinking, that perhaps there's *more* to Japan than those "non-challenging corporate" types of folks, or perhaps in MBTI terms, the ISTJ type.
    I think these creative forces would probably amount to NF, even I've kinda felt that there're probably a growing number of NFPs in those creative industry.

    what do you guys think on this?

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    oh yeah, there's definitely more to it than that. i like a lot of japanese music and art and games too. i just think they refine a lot of ideas well in general, as opposed to something someone else said above.. that they're characterized by invention. i wouldn't say they're not an infj country tho (i don't even know much about infjs as of yet tbh).

    it would be hard to argue they're "SJ" for one reason though.. there's no real traditional approach in japan. they are a secular culture. there is the politeness, and the honorific language.. but there's all kinds of room for different branches of religion..even in martial arts. there must be a dozen branches that are fairly different from one another but all more or less developed there. it was a breeding ground for many types of people. and never been one to shun "new" - either with technology or style.. hell, even simple things like baseball.. which they've been playing since it was introduced in the 1800s.

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