I decided to listen before reading the lyrics or other posts. I got a picture of an old man in a bar, and he's sitting in a booth by the window on a gloomy evening. It just stopped raining, and the windows are spattered with raindrops reflecting the streetlights that are flickering on along an empty city street. The man sits alone and remembers a woman he loved, a woman he still cares for, feeling bitter about how their relationship fell apart.

I get remorse, bittersweet reminiscence, and a feeling like the best parts of someone's life are in the past.

Not sure if that's what the OP is asking for. I often get a visual impression that goes with a song, and it feels like half of the story.

What did you feel or think when you first heard it, Chancelade? Or would you like someone to post a new song for you to react to?