Here's a profile on common temperamental traits to the NF types.

Comments and critiques much welcome!


-- Truly open to esoteric ideas, even ones that don't yet have a very logical and scientific explanation attached to them...provided that these ideas are compatible with personal and emotional values.

-- Usually display a strong drive for self-mastery over selfish, impersonal and exceedingly sensual behaviour.

-- Medium to high inquisitiveness...can be quite erudite and curious, even more than the NT types, but, by temperament, are not quite impersonal problem-solvers.

--Tend to use their intellect / knowledge to promote their (aforementioned) values or to help other people achieve a true sense of identity...hence their being known as «identity seekers».

--May struggle to manage their intellectual, abstract interests with their social and emotional interests and needs.

--Macroscopic, usually see the big picture quite well, so prefer leaving concrete details to others.

--Want recognition and to be warmly appreciated for their idealism, creativity and authenticity and are keen on using those qualities to gently influence human consciousness.