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    I can definitely identify. I am more emotional than your average INFJ, if there is such a thing, and I can become vengeful when I feel I've been wronged. The trouble is that I have acted on these urges in the past, and this is always followed by feelings of deep shame that would haunt me for a long time. I just happen to be one of those INFJ's with an over-developed Fe, so while it doesn't change the fact that I am undoubtedly an Ni-dom, over the years I have trained myself to assert myself more and flex those Fe muscles so that I can actually choose to go down that unrighteous route if I feel so inclined.

    But, to get back on point, I can hold grudges if an issue remains unfixed and is allowed to dwell, but I am also a very forgiving person. Very inclined to forgive. I've also read that this is common to many INFJ's as well. I wonder if that's the case for you?

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    When I feel I've been wronged in a minor way, I can feel unreasonably upset with the person when they are not around and avoid them. But, if I see them face to face, it's difficult for me to hold a grudge. It's too much work and generally not worth it, and in general I have issues with letting go of people. BUT, if I'm wronged in a major way, peace out, that's the end of it. That being said, it's pretty difficult for someone I see as close to me to wrong me in a major way.

    I relate to Jackitty's post. I often react emotionally at the onset, but if we can talk it out, we're good.
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