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    Default How do I save myself from overthinking?

    I am an INFP (with SJ tendencies) and I overthink. Is there a way for me to not do this? I am simply addicted to it. A good round of philosophizing is like a good tennis - it is tiring, but damn it feels good too! Here's the bad news: I have begun to hear a voice in my head that says, "Lose your mind" (dont worry, I am contacting my therapist). Is there a way I can take it easy? I might start a project where I focus on my Se (I have begun a travel blog). I am also contemplating yoga, and getting back to exercising again. Also, it would be good to remind myself what I am in this planet for. I certainly don't want to be a slave to my mind! I am putting my values in place - values such as kindness and equality. That said, I do value a good debate, research, analysis and intelligence! For example, I am very, very big on logic as I believe this prevents me from being manipulated by powerful people, liberal or conservative (yes, I am still an INFP).

    Help. Is there a way to think less without being a dummy?

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    I think yoga and being active are great ideas. It's a way to kind of switch your mental focus without like zoning out or ignoring your mind. There's a lot of focus, meta-thinking, and just physical release of built-up tension that I find really helpful. Kinda enables me to still keep all my mental wheels active but focus them on something that's benefiting me, is only for myself (no worrying about what other people think or outside situations), and is really meant to be a work in progress at all times.

    Edit: it also helps me feel strong which can help me when overthinking and feeling kinda crushed by the complexity of whatever mental web I've woven.
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