1. Know your strengths and use them. On a similar note, know your weaknesses and work around them. INFPs have many strengths, and depending on the individual, the level or existence of a strength differs. Use your Fi and Ne to your advantage. When used properly and to bring justice to a wounded world. Fi can see what others don't and question damaging societal norms. Your Ne comes to your advantage when you use it to generate ideas and possibilities, do not get transfixed on a certain conclusion, and when used healthily with your Fi, can come up with novel solutions and beautiful frameworks/value systems.

2. Add context

We do not live in a vacuum. There are practical and political factors affecting our circumstances. For example, I sometimes wonder why I am not responsive enough, and I realise that that expectation to be responsive or available to people stem from the way society constructs my gender. Once I realize this, the more I am forgiving of myself of my choices, as well as other people's choices.

3. Reach out.

Our Fi makes us want to withdraw, but it's much healthier to reach out to people (within our introverted boundaries, of course). Consider the fact that men tend to die younger than women. This is because they pent up their emotions.

4. Ride the wave

Problems come and go, and when you are hit by a wave, ride it and not let it consume you.

5. Be mindful of your body.

When your body is well taken care of, your mind will be more clear. I tend to practice mindfulness, deep breathing, yoga, healthy eating and walks.

6. Challenge yourself

I used to be a heavy INFP, and got a job as a journalist. This job forced me to be less partisan, be more mindful of facts and details, and to have a thick skin. It improved my Si and Ti considerably, as well as to a certain extent, Fe. As a result, I became more competent in practical matters, received information as whole before judging them, and to be more relational with people and respect their boundaries.

6. Let go off your need to be validated.

Your work remains worthwhile and valuable even in the absence of praise.

7. Travel around the world, read and make friends with different cultures.

Having many experience makes you come up with novel solutions to problems and not panic in the face of adversity.

8. Assert your values.

An INFP I know makes sure to enact her values in whichever company she works for.

9. Validate your emotions.

It is hard to finish homework when you are sad. Take care of your pain, then do you work.

10. Hang out with people who love you.

There are many people who appreciate your gifts. Keep searching for your community, or create one. Take advantage of Facebook, traveling and meet-up groups to create a circle of people who value things that you value.

11. Express yourself

Most INFPs have an artistic flair, and when that energy is chaneled, we may become less grumpy of say, for example, our day job that demands structure. The arts also fuel creativity in approaching problems.

12. Give up on perfectionism

I make a rule to not edit my work too much, or to gloss over tiny mistakes. I also force myself to be compassionate with the choices I make yesterday, and tell myself, "Given the circumstance, given the information I had, the way I was raised and how society is structured, that was the best option I had".