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    Default What if Ism was an ~*~*~*NF*~*~*~?????

    I was thinking about this recently.

    I like what the INTP description has to offer. I relate to it. But sometimes I feel like it's really... hard? Like, as in, not soft. I am definitely not as hard-edged as the INTP appears to be described. But, then again, I'm not a marshmallow.

    Recently, I've grown comfortable with my idea of who I am. It seems to reflect how I act, and accurately portrays my personality. But it doesn't really fit into the MBTI vocabulary. (For more thoughts on the MBTI vocabulary and how people interact with it, see my TANGENT below) This isn't a bad thing, and it's of no consequence. But I kind of want to try and describe myself as best as possible with the MBTI language as a kind of thought experiment. Because I'm not quite an INTP anymore (unlike when I when I was 15/16), but I'm not quite an INFP or an INFJ.

    At least, that's the impression I give myself.

    What are your thoughts, forum-goers?

    Begin TANGENT
    People on this forum do it all the time. It's how we have users who say their strongest functions are Fe and Te, because they relate to those two descriptions very strongly. This is despite the fact that this is unallowed within the framework of how cognitive functions are actually supposed to work. It's interesting to think about how people have molded and reshaped the rules of MBTI and cognitive functions to try and capture their personalities. This interaction between the individual and their understanding of typology shows its weaknesses, in my opinion, since many aspects of one's personality cannot be defined by typology alone.

    All this is just talk, though. Many people have discussed the limitations of typology on this forum, and I don't want to rehash it.

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    My thought is that MBTI is simply best-fit. They're theoretical, parallel, clean, equal, symmetrical categories, and we're infinitely complex, messy human beings. We're never going to really be accurately described by any type. So... if you're not feeling like an INTP anymore... well, then, whatever else you identify with more. INxP if you want. Or JiNe. Or even NF.

    IRT the functions, my mom is a very clear ESFJ, and she's first and foremost a very practical, energetic, organized person. She tests ESTJ and even though her dominant function is Fe, I'd say she's heavy on Je. She's definitely closer to an ESTJ than an ISFJ. I sort of picture it in my mind as a grid with a lot of room for overlap. Her Fe is "near" the line of Te, I figure. I feel like I'm closer to ENFJ or ESFJ than INFP or ESFP, even though that doesn't necessarily make sense in terms of the functions. But my Extraversion is strong and my Feeling is strong.

    I think enneatype plays in, too. When I see you listed as "INTP 9w1", I automatically assume you're "softer" and more mellow than an INTP 5, though still rational like an INTP. You actually vibe sort of ISxP to me, a little. Not that I think you're an ISxP, I just feel that easy laid-backness of yours.

    At least for myself, I feel like ENFP probably gives me more of a zany "wild child" impression than is the truth, but the descriptions still speak to me more than any other category, so I stick with it.

    But if you want in the NF fold, you know NFs will welcome you with open arms

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