EW: (Oh, and I would pay good money to see an INTJ and INFJ in a fight. You both can be so darn stubborn. I'm not sure who would come out of the ring alive. )
Cute comment - but aren't INFJs relatively conflict averse? I feel like I really pick my battles and prioritize them... and don't think of INFJs as stubborn, unless it's some huge social issue like civil rights.

I'm married to an INTJ - do you have any questions for me?

And yes - we do get out of the house, host dinners, parties, organize events (usually me doing the contacting people, him helping with logistics). But we might not always be going out to parties, bars, and restaurants -- maybe our outings are more likely to be picnics, museums, cafes, and hikes.

Being an extrovert, it might be hard to have seen two introverts together interacting as they normally would. The other way is easier -- the extrovert pairs I hang out with don't seem to mind my quiet presence; I think they are probably fairly similar when I'm not around.