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    Default Reading old blogs....

    Hey, hey, so I have a question!

    Have you ever read old blogs and gone ?

    I mean, I used to be such a goofball!!! I mean, okay, who am I kidding? I'm still a goofball, but omg! I used to be like a rabid hamster.

    Man, I'm getting old.

    That blog was like five years old...and I'm thinking, wow. Who wrote that? Me? Nah? Really? Yeah? Oops.
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    I'm sort of just the opposite, really. I read old blog posts and am somewhat amazed by just how little has changed. I think I started my blog-thread here back sometime in 2008, and I'd have to go almost twice that far back to get to a position of any real change in my life (except for the new job that I started a few months ago). Even though the impression may be different from yours, it does still make me feel old .

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