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    Default Kickstarting your Ne

    This seems to describe my perfectly in the past 3 months, and many random points throughout my life. Any new possibility or speck of optimism makes my inferior Si cringe. I'm like an old Florida man who obsessively watches tv reruns because it's safe and proven.

    When their Intuition is not working, sensory data become the all encompassing objects of perception for Extraverted Intuitive types. But as their statements indicate, their lack of expertise in this area usually leads to an inappropriate selection of sensory data. And because �the future is now� in a very distorted way, they take the data at hand and project it into a vague, oppressive future. They may focus on a thought, such as �I�m alone now and will always be alone,� rather than the dominant Intuitive type�s more typical response of �I�m alone now; I wonder what interesting things I can find to do, and what exciting people I�ll find in the world.� In this state, the depression and hopelessness described earlier readily occur.
    What are some specific ways to get your Ne back and running?

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    Interesting. I don't know what will work for you personally, but I can offer some suggestions.

    Try viewing yourself as a friend. Think about the possibilities for your life through an outside lens. Imagine all the possibilities for your friends' lives, then use that same point of view to look at your own.

    Make a list of positive things that might happen in your life. Maybe use some surprising or lucky things you know have happened to other people or to yourself as reason for believing that something of that nature might happen to you in the future.

    Pick one small possible positive thing that you could work to attain. Set a small, reasonable goal and accomplish it. It might help you feel in control of your life and the things that happen to you.

    Good luck. I know it sucks to be depressed, and I know that you have some really awesome Ne skills in there to help you out.

    Also, consider seeing a therapist. They know what they're doing, and they can really help. Especially someone so inquisitive and problem-solvy as you
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    Visit one of my favorite sites for inspiration. You can do it too!

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