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    Default Wierd typing question... guess how the person would be?

    I got an idea... Maybe it's really wierd and maybe none would like to cooporate. I just wonder... How accurate the personality typing really is and how much it can actually tell you about the person. Other members are very welcomed to join and I am very corious about your reactions, the point is: Guess how the person can be, can behave, act, what he/she might like based on his/her type (Not only MBTI, enneagram and global 5 are also very important single type won't tell you much). This could really proove how accurate typing can be and maybe can help some members to better understanding of theories...So if anyone is really interested... MBTI: ENFP, ENNEAGRAM: 4w3 so/sp, tritype 479 - The healer, GLOBAL 5 : Limbic, SLUEI

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    Good idea for aesthetics, depressive yet optimistic at the same time, conflict between being true to yourself and accommodating for others, non-confrontational.

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