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    I thought I was INFJ since 2015 up until recent because of being a people-pleaser on some level, and having a fe influence. I thought having an emotional influence and trying to figure other people out equaled fe. Having several diagnoses affecting how I process the world + anxiety kind of threw me off. I tested as it quite a few times too.

    Everyone has emotions, but having too much emotional stimuli or emotions forced out of me is an unpleasant experience. Identifying a lot with ni descriptions too, but ne is overall more accurate for me. I am terrible with se, so I doubt it's in my main stack but I can pinpoint and identify with high ne + low si. I relate more to it as an inferior or a tertiary.

    I am awkward with fe, so while I'm sure it's somewhere in my main stack,n I highly doubt it's my auxillary function.
    9w1-5w4-2w3 sp/so

    I couldn't Understand how you could be so bold.
    Maybe I'll find myself smiling on that distant shore...
    Maybe I'm not alone.

    O- High C- Average E- Extremely Hilariously Low A- Extremely High N-Medium High
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    I thought I was INFJ for a long time. Many people still see me as one. I keep a little bottle of pepper spray on hand to obscure my being and keep the mystery alive. Don't look too hard.
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    I thought I was INFJ by looking at dichotomies and functions.
    I simply had to be an introvert, and intuitive was clear too,
    I related for more to Ti and Fe than to Te and Fi. (getting things done and feeling things? not me!)
    And after weighing the different types against each other, INFJ seemed most likely.
    My identification with INFJ brought glad feelings; suddenly I could explore my feeling,
    No longer the apathetic logician, but a conceptualiser with dormant social skills,
    But I became confused,
    I thought I was this type, now that type, now another,
    ISTJ stuck for a while, due to misunderstandings, but I grew into it,
    Then INFJ won out again,
    And now I know I am INFJ, insofar as such a thing can be known,
    Because I see my functions go one by one in the NiFeTi etc order,
    And on a narrative level, the INFJ story fits me well,
    It allows me to understand certain things,
    Though I keep in mind it is only part of the story,
    And other types pad the story out more,
    And still much more is not typological.

    I'd like to know more about the aspects of people that are not type related. I may uncover a lot of it along my way.
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    INFJ was my most common result when taking tests, and also when asking others to type me. And at first it seems to make sense: Having Ni-Fe explained why the N preference would often be hidden behind a mask or orderliness, adjusted to the perception of other people. I tried to attempt to do things I was somehow meant to do, while accomodating most people around me.
    At least until I realized that it wasn't a natural preference at all. It actually was just a manifestation of fear, anxiety and inauthenticity. I still don't know which type I actually am, but I do know that it basically doesn't matter at all. I've recently became comfortable with standing out and just being myself, and being alone with myself, which I consider a success. Ultimately, INFJ-like behavior is, for myself at least, an indicator for unhealthiness.
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