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    Default Unmotivated (though I promise I am not depressed.)

    I've actually been doing a lot thinking (go figure) unless you like to work or love your job, working is sorta torture. I've never enjoyed the idea of working or even liked school, so doing both sucks. I don't feel like I enjoy my life, instead I am working and waisting valuable time that I could be actually living. Given I don't do much on my free time, I like to stay home most days, but still that's what I find enjoyable, that's fun to me. You see I've been doing a paid internship, and haven't been in school for technically a year. I realized not long ago during my internship that even though I have plenty of interest in the world and a few hobbies, I actually have no interest of working or going to school. I just do it because I have too to support myself now and in the future, but when deciding a career I can't seem to find one that feels right. The only thing that actually feels right is when I'm alone working on myself. So if working on myself mentally, physically, emotionally was an option I would totally do that. The only issue with this is I like to feel comfortable and be financially stable which obviously involves money. I thought about doing my hobbies as a career, but honestly it seems like a lot of work and it is is pretty tough to make a decent wage with them anyway.

    I can't seem to find something that feels right, when it comes to choosing a career, I'm waiting for me to want to have a want to do something career wise, but instead I don't and all I want to do is relax, enjoy life. I'm in my early twenties, but still time is running out and I should have some motivation to be out in the world and working to make a living. I am not sad, depressed or anything like that I feel fairly average, I just don't care to work or do hard work in any sort of way. I'd be fine though being a house husband, I wouldn't mind that haha. Do any of you feel this way? I just want to spend time doing what I want. I understand that this may not make sense to some or may sound immature, but this is what I've been thinking and feeling and could potentially be problem when I am older. So advice and personal stories are welcomed.
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    At your age, you are simply surrounded by people who feel the same way. They just won't admit it! I'll be back later with thoughts, but for now, points for honesty. It's the first step out.
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    I'd say start by looking at what skills you have. If you just want to have a stable job to support yourself and don't want to make big bucks, a boring desk job where you don't really have to think is your best bet. I'd suggest going for companies that are responsible and do not go against your moral codes (like working for a solar cell company will make you feel a lot better than working for an oil company).

    I used to feel the same way when I was younger. Now I feel a little differently -- perhaps because I now see value in what I do. I feel like I can contribute to something better (better lives for the people I work with, better experience for the customers, etc.) and I want to do my best.
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