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    If I ever become an employer, I might use this strategy to eliminate the cheaters. Depending on the position.

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    I dunno. I might, if I knew that that job was perfect for me and they might hold my type against me. Otoh, if that is going to be my direct working environment (aka my direct boss/team mates are doing the hiring) and/or they re hiring a specific type coz of a very specific thing in the job that I might not be suitable towards, then I probably wouldn't, and just let the process run its course. Ive had one too many jobs where I had to pretend to be an ESFJ and I *know* that it makes me depressed, unhappy and ultimately unable to last in the job

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    I admit I would try to answer in the "right" way, or the answers that I suspect they want for the job, but without outright lying (if that makes sense). I go in with the assumption that my natural personality would have major bias against it (even though at every job I've had, the employers grew quite attached to me & were sad when I left; even at the job I "lost", I was the last one getting paid before they went under). I don't think this assumption is wrong, given how people react to INFP profiles.

    When I was desperate for work, I was applying to minimum wage jobs, which all make you apply online now & many use a personality test of sorts (nothing like MBTI). I answered in the way I thought was right, but later discovered it was not, as the connotations of many questions were interpreted VERY differently by me (ie. "Are you a risk taker?" - I interpret that as someone who goes sky-diving sans a parachute or eats exotic foods that could kill you or maybe embezzles from their employer....but nope, they just mean someone who goes out of their comfort zone & above their job description at times. Needless to say, I answered no when the answer was supposed to be yes). They also had "degrees" you could answer in, and apparently, only no or yes were ever right, not anything inbetween, which they took to mean you are not decisive or something silly like that (but with 100 different perspectives & possibilities, how could I definitely answer yes/no without more specifics?!!!). The right answers sounded like ESxx types, yes. I also found out they did not want people TOO smart or educated... for turnover reasons (likely to leave for something better and/or go after a management job).

    Anyhow, they never really asked questions which got at my strengths, but perhaps that's because they are not in retail. That said, in college I did fine in my part-time, retail jobs. Those managers were sad to see me go too. They have high turnover & I stuck around longer than most (as many in those jobs just don't show up to work one day; was surprised at how flaky retail people are), was the type to kindly fill in for a co-worker if they wanted a day off, and was quite pleasant to customers (albeit no aggressive sales). But you know, I don't use alligators for water-skiing in the amazon, so I'm not a risk-taker & not well-suited to ringing up cheap clothing for teenage girls.
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    If I ever go to a job interview and I'm asked to take the MBTI I will bang my head on the table. MBTI is too much vunk and not something which should be used for such a serious purpose.

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    Nope. I want them to know exactly what they are getting themselves into. If they choose to hire people who lie to please them instead of people who answer honestly, I don't think I will want to work for them.

    However, if I were completely broke and desperate with starving kids at home, I'd do anything to get a job.
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    I'd answer it honestly, because if I have to lie about who I am, the job's not right for me anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by superunknown View Post
    You know, Jung put Ne as the type most likely to gravitate towards retail/sales/politics and stuff.

    "Merchants, contractors, speculators, agents, politicians, etc., commonly belong to this type."

    I don't know why I'm pointing this out, I am le bored.

    "For a minute there, I lost myself...I lost myself."

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    Depending on the job, sure (providing I was capable of fulfilling the actual requirements of the job, of course). Interview processes always have an element of BSing involved. People have biases- you have to navigate around those. I don't take myself seriously enough to think not being totally honest on a questionnaire is going to reflect poorly on my overall integrity as a person. In the end, I'm not my job- that's just an agreement I make to trade my time for money. /shrug
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    Quote Originally Posted by louiesgonnadie View Post
    Yes, the quote is extracted from the section on extraverted intuitors.

    Though I don't think the skill is lost on rational-dominant extraverted intuitors. From what I can gather, social skills - or at the very least, a mind of low viscosity - usually follow.

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    hmm... well... most jobs i have applied for i researched the place, company, employees, goals etc first...worked out what the mutual benefits were and walked the interviews. Has to be said they were fairly low end jobs but i'd do the same in any. And my bag.... bending the truth and rules so that we can all see them more attractively though...has it's limits but also it's possibilities!
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