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    Quote Originally Posted by Stansmith View Post
    I mean, my INFJ and ISFP friends told me that I'm overwhelming or too hyper. And honestly, it's either my sense of humor or being around people I lack chemistry with. I hung around too many jock types admittedly.
    "Overwhelming" to me usually means too high-energy. I like high-energy, especially if it's positive energy, but I have to say high-energy in the "let's make obnoxious jokes all the time" way is too much for me. Most of the time, if the energy is coupled with a decent amount of humility it's actually quite endearing.

    I'd say try to listen more and talk less, and see how that goes.
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    It's funny that the ENFP stereotype is this warm, bubbly, super-popular person.

    I'm kind of glad to hear that you have similar issues, though I wish you didn't.

    Most people don't like me, can't deal with me for extended periods of time.

    I see myself as passionate and genuine, but most people read that as arrogant and cold (to me, being genuine sometimes involves more muted emotional displays (like I'm not going to squeal and hug you if I don't actually like you that much)).

    I also don't have a very expressive face, so people misinterpret my feelings a lot (Thoughtful, not sad. Moderately happy, not indifferent).
    Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness." ― Kurt Vonnegut

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    an ESTP would never tell you you had a shit personality unless they intended to inflict pain. Your friend sounds ESTJ, as this seems to be their flavor of "upfrontness".

    As for you:

    "I think, therefore I am."

    So stop it. Also, it sounds like you live in suburbia. I'd probably wanna shoot myself if I still lived there. Life is too short for you to sit around and waste time with agoraphobia and self pity.

    Hesistant? Quit being a puss and do it. You're young. If you fail, you will stand up smarter and stronger than before. Wisdom doesn't come from the absence of mistakes. Get out there and make mistakes. Fear of the unknown is the only kind of fear that exists. When you venture out there and see what the world is all about, you'll realize there's not much left to fear.

    The ENFP 6's I've met were only shitty people because they were unhappy and anxious. Their own minds were their downfall. Their lack of mindfulness was their biggest obstacle. They focused on living life and achieving success the way society wanted them to... get a regular job or start a business and make money, drive an SUV, etc. Life isn't that narrow.

    ENFP's are not stereotypically renown for their intellect or practicality. Any image of such is merely pretense. It is their weakness to be anything other than an emotionally charged directionless fireball. Get used to your lot in life, go out there, trip and fall. If you live in America, there's a good chance you won't starve to death. The hippies will take you onboard and feed you weed and twizzlers until you're well enough to meet an ISTJ who'll feed you wheat grass juice and value your passionate nature and absurd stories of how you lived with the mayans because you couldn't find your way home from a trip to guadalupe.

    When I was in the navy, life was stable, I had a $5000/month paycheck, and my life was fucking miserable. I told my 4 star admiral grandfather to go fuck himself and dropped contact with my commander father because they wanted me to live life the way they intended. Stuck on the water in a cage. I packed my shit up and moved out to colorado where I live with some ENFJ breakdancers who initially felt sorry for me, and now we're starting a gym of our own in the hopes of utter wealth or eating dirt to stave off hunger. It doesn't matter what you do in your life, the only thing you will regret is not ever trying.

    ENFP's need instability to be most confident in themselves, much like ESTP's. By removing any unstable circumstances from your life you are ultimately killing yourself. Get outside and make life happen or die with a million regrets that you did nothing.

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