Hello, there are many good posts here and I am sorry to say I only skim read most of the posts. I have also been fighting the urge to not post and let it sink down the page and into oblivion. I will try and read it more in depth if I can and offer more constructive feedback later.

One thing I will say though (which I did not articulate) is that I do not think it is Ne. My reasons are dare I say perhaps irrational and non-nonsensical but I "feel" Ne different to what I mentioned in the original post. When I am thinking about the aforementioned in the OP it creates a sense in my mind of being cold, solid and mechanical. As if I am seeing exposed bone. It also creates a feeling (when I'm overdoing it) as if my brain was an overheating circuit board. It is very removed from how I experience Fi - which is like a multi-coloured gas floating around. The problem is that Ne just isn't experienced as something "alien" like that. When I get excited over possibilities it causes me to feel passionate in a way which is congruent to my core but the aforementioned feels in-congruent (and completely incompatible) with my core. Rather than it flowing nicely it's as if there are obstacles and hurdles which need to be overcome.