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    I want to heal the world. But there's just so much healing to be done out there, and the task is so daunting. I think the only way to stay sane is do our own little part in it and be that little bit of change.

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    I don't think about that stuff much at all tbh. Life and humanity is neutral.

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    Join the Army Rangers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2XtremeENFP View Post
    Do you ever just, feel the weight of the world's hurt on your shoulders?
    Like we should be saving the world?
    Like we should be doing something to somehow cure the darkness that is in people's lives?

    I know there's nothing I can do. Really, big picture-wise, there is nothing I can do.

    I can talk my friend out of suicide one night, but that doesn't mean that tomorrow, a month, a year, 5 years from now, they won't feel the same pain they felt then.

    I don't know. Sometimes I just feel it all. It's weight holds me down and depresses me. It hurts me to see people hurting. To think that I could be having a great day, and someone else could be having the worse day of their life.

    Sometimes these emotions cripple me. I should be doing things around my house right now, but instead I'm reading, researching, googling how to help my friends who are hurting. Listening to music that makes me feel the pain that they're feeling.

    I mean, how can people ignore the clouds of other people's lives?

    Do what you can where you can with what ya got. Fuck the rest. Keep moving.
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    I ignore most of it unless I care about the people.

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    I love that there are people who feel this way, but like the other S posters, I can't relate. At my worst, I'll feel the weight of my family or the people I know personally on my shoulders, but the range meets a hard end there. Being able to put a real dent in the world's sadness is so unlikely for an individual that I can't feel anything or even think about not being able to help on that kind of scale. My first knee-jerk reaction to the OP was that it was grandiose, but that's only because it would be for myself.

    But the way to get the most out of whatever global potential you might have is to find and stick with what you're best at. It's like what a friend told me recently when I was hurting at work and considering whether it would be to much trouble to seek a position in, well, a FiSe department instead of a FeSi: if you do what you do best, you'll make the whole company more $$$ than if you stay in a place where what you were born with limits you. Using what you've got is worth it for everybody, even if, for an overwhelming majority of people, just a little bit.
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    I once witnessed a woman being verbally abused by her husband and it depressed me for a few years.

    I once met an intellectually disabled/low-functioning schizophrenic and wished God that She/He would make me the same as him so I know what it feels like to be him.

    So, yes, I do take the pain of the world on my shoulders. I am trying to pull myself out from my depression to take a Master's in international development.

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    I'm apparently one of those selfish, self-absorbed Fi-users, and I don't think about that stuff a lot, to be really honest about it. I'm too lost in my own affairs.

    Yeah, I do have tendencies to see the truly warped stuff about the planet I live on, and I often wish I had magical powers to avenge everyone, but it tends to make me feel angry rather than hurt. I'm remarkably...not good at feeling for others unless I make deliberate attempts to do so. It'd have to be someone close to me before it blips the radar. (Sorry)

    Other times, I want to fix problems simply because I know it's going to affect me personally (climate change, for instance).

    I've seen other NFs feel deeply for others, though--my stepfather for instance. He's an INFP, and my mother, who may also be an INFP, insists that he "feels too deeply for others".

    I guess each NF really is an individual.

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