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    Quote Originally Posted by kensi View Post
    I never been there but from what i hear...Jersey doesn't offer up a lot of Ne....nor Fi
    How could anyone come up with that? Haha. I mean, I guess so? I don't find a lot of people that REALLY interest me around here, so it's kind of boring.

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    I COMPLETELY know what you mean.. at first I started to think that I'm probably a bit more introverted, but I realize I'm not, I just like my own space/time to 'recharge.'

    I don't know what it is.. maybe we just need time to just take everything in and enjoy it all at once by ourselves.. Although, one of my ex's was also an ENFP, and even with him at times, I still liked to be alone. Most times, hanging out with him was like hanging out with myself, except, the attention I got from him was more amplified.. he still drained me out a bit though.

    Interesting question. Perhaps it's the FP part that makes us even more laid back, therefore we need that extra alone time? =)

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    Yeah I hear ya. My best friend is an ENFP and we will take months off from eachother. Just a mutual break where we just know we need some time. It's brilliant having a friend that understands.

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