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    thanks all for the support. some days are good, some days are bad... getting there...

    if you want to text-chat (i dont do cam and mic, too awkward), this is my skype name. it's also my aim and google name:

    r1a33 333zbe6r ryja 2zz

    (remove the spaces and numbers. im paranoid about google...)

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    Hey! Sorry to hear things have been rough. I'd love to chat, but I unfortunately do not use Skype very often. Feel free to PM me (though I won't respond immediately)!

    If you manage to get your post count up to a certain number (I think it is 500), I highly recommend checking out our sweet Ventrilo server. The people there are awesome.

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    Hi! I'm just getting out of a slump in life too. PM me if you ever feel like it! I'll add you if I ever get Skype back but I deleted it a while ago since I never used it.

    I love video games, fantasy, animals, psych, cultures, and so on as well

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