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Thread: INFP vs INFJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post
    but what if dfw is actually an infp 9w1 sx/sp, like i have him typed? do not all types think their assumptions, their privileged forms of self-organization (the structure of their learning that they identify as themselves), are self-evident? especially when those provide the backdrop upon which any kind of conscious experience can arise at all?
    You make some interesting arguments in your last two posts. You appear to have a much greater familiarity with DFW’s life and work than I do. And in arguing that he’s an INFP, you talk about a lot of “markers” that aren’t traditionally MBTI “markers”: his metaphysical/philosophical stance, eye movements, the symbology he uses, etc. But as a result, I can’t really judge the validity of your arguments one way or the other.

    For my part, the only thing I know of DFW is this one essay, and it struck me as an INFJ sort of presentation. But it’s only one tiny piece of his life. It’s possible that DFW could be an INFP and that, for the purposes of this speech, he has turned his Ne up to full blast and is speaking in “polemical mode,” IOW he is trying to make a persuasive argument (“fight for an idea”) as opposed to neutrally describing an Fi “model” or schema of an idea.

    I don’t really have anything new to add, above and beyond what I’ve already said on why I think the presentation is INFJ-ish. I’ll keep an open mind about the arguments you made and consider them further; I’ll post again if I have any further comment.

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    *waits for people to realize how right he is*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
    Why is something against the rules if it's not bad? It's because rules (which are supposed to be objective) and ethics (which are subjective) exist independently of each other, even if they should not.
    I still struggle with this. I can understand it on an 'outside' level, but I cannot personalize it, and if I cannot personalize something then I don't 'understand' it.
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