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    Well I managed to get her out today for around 20 minutes. We had a good laugh etc. I gave her a few flowers and she was like "wow" ... I ought it will scare her away but it seems it turned out ok
    But I noticed that when I try to say something nice to her she "backs off" a little. Also she laughed at one moment and said, "don't say that to me because you are burying yourself". It seems like she doesn't like to hear anything nice said about her... and I noticed that she usually have a "low" opinion about herself. Is this something particular for INFP ? Because if it is, then I will have to control myself allot since I can't just stand and not tell something nice to her :P

    I'm really going to "burn out". You said "not to look for signs" and I can't stop doing that and seeing something like "red and green" light flashing me constantly right in my eyes :P
    Well... it seems there is a very long summer in front of me.

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    Have you touched her, or been in casual, physical contact? That will give you a clue.
    INFP's are very hard to read. They keep a dark cloak around themselves until it's safe to let another see their spectral inner light. This happens about once every 10 years. Lol
    Just say what you intend. It’s the only way. But be as sincere as you can.
    Oh, limerance!

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    No contact, we just had walk down a road.

    Well I said some things that I wanted today, although I wanted to say much more but for some reason I forget half of things when I see her.

    Thank you for all your answers

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    Aww, this is so adorable! Infps are hard to figure out. For me, I don't purposely try to be confusing. When I know what I want and feel, I can be really honest and blunt. But when I'm unsure, everything is fuzzy.

    When you express something directly to infps, they or we need time to digest it so give us that time and space to ponder it. If you push us for an answer right away, we wouldn't know what to say or may say the wrong thing or get scared by the emotional bluntness or the emotional risk that we are forced to take. Let us take that risk in our own due time, which we will, if we want to. When we want something, we are capable of making that very clear as long as we weren't discouraged from previous interactions.

    I think that you're infatuated and probably wants to speed this along. It depends on how well you two know each other and feel comfortable with each other. If she takes the time and makes the extra effort to see you and talk to you, it means that she likes you at least as a friend. Otherwise, she and no one else would ever make that effort. So that's a point in your favor.

    I would suggest getting to know her more before suggesting 'dating' because the infp might be worried that you only perceive her to be someone that she really is not and once you get her involved and you disappoint her or back off, she's gonna be sooo upset with you. So make sure you know what you want, make sure you know her enough before pushing for the next step. I think taking it slow and being friends first is always a good way to go. And honestly, if you like someone, if you're physically attracted to them, you could never really be friend-zoned completely.

    It takes a lot for an infp to put herself out there and risk getting hurt. Sometimes you have to do most of the leg-work and push her a little bit.

    Also keep in mind that infps like to be nice and polite to everyone who is nice to them so keep that in mind.

    If it doesn't work out romantically, I hope you guys can maintain a friendship.

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