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    Quote Originally Posted by A_priori View Post
    I find myself much more disorganized when it comes to keeping a schedule. I know that there are a fair share of Js out there who feel a sense of control when they plan everything in advance but for me, it sort of makes me feel the opposite. I like to leave things much more open ended. As an example I could never work your quintessential 9-5 as I would seriously feel trapped. I dislike being part of companies or organizations which essentially mold you to their schedule and set a certain expectation for how you should have things done etc.. I feel way more at ease and in control running my own buisness and not being obligated should I want to take a day off or change something. Anyways, I think this is what I am really trying to express when it comes to be unorganized. I also dislike commitment in terms of having to be certain places at certain times. I don't maybe it's just me or maybe it's common amongst other INFJs..
    I resonate with a lot of this; you're not alone. I need a lot of flexibility at work if it's stressful or else I get irritable real fast, and my hours are always an area of contention with me and management. Do you just alter your schedule after making it, as though you've done half the work in making the plan itself? Perhaps INFJ's relationship with schedules is related to the fact that we crave efficiency and the highest order production, but we loath details because they aren't creative and new, so we don't stick to the schedule. I don't know....
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    I don't think I'm disorganized in a sense that I know where everything is.
    But if I look at my surroundings objectively, I'm pretty messy. Sometimes I don't even make my bed upon waking up...

    But I'm pretty meticulous about schedules, deadlines, etc..those are immune to messiness.

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    My INFJ mother came into my dorm room and was horrified at the 'mess'. Then she walked into my ESFP friend's dorm room and almost fainted.

    As far as planning out my time, I take things a day at a time. Every day is different. If someone calls me up at last minute to do something which would mess up what I have planned for that day, I'll reject the invitation, no matter how cool the event was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A_priori View Post
    I can feel really disorganized sometimes especially when it comes to keeping a specific schedule but not so much in other areas. I tend to look at commitments as burdens for the most part as they can tend to make me feel as if I haven't had the chance to fully weigh out my options. I know this night sound a bit funny to others but I was just wondering how others on here see INFJs or if other INfJs tend to feel simular.

    However, when it comes to doing a job miticuliously and seeing things through to the very end I am very much a judger. I am also very pariticular on staying organized in a sense that everything in my living space is typically spotless. I like to make the best of my space and am continuously purging to be rid of stuff laying around causing clutter. I am very much the opposite of a horder. Anyways, I just wanted to dig a bit deeper into the whole judging function as I feel like it fits me a bit different than other types.

    I can completely relate to this. I am a minimalist. I hate clutter, and nick nacks, and love practicality. Anything I don't use often, I sell. I like the idea of having a few treasured possessions, and nothing more. It's a constant struggle though, because I know that isn't practical. Ugh. My minimalist tendencies apply to my social life as well. When it comes to my phone, or Facebook (which I hate), if I don't talk to someone regularly, I delete them. Some people think it's cold. But those are often the people who have collected 900 "friends" on Facebook who they never talked to after adding.

    I am a bit of a perfectionist as well. In situations where I am forced to do a crappy or incomplete job of something, I will resist, and try very hard to put it off, or avoid doing it entirely if the situation permits. My living space is very clean and organized, but I don't go crazy sorting things. People at work poke fun at me, because before I start my shift, I always need time to reorganize my workspace after someone messy has been there. It drives me nuts.

    I feel the same about schedules and plans. I usually like to play things by ear, since I never really know what will come up in the mean time that I might want to get done. I am often running a bit behind when leaving for work, but am rarely late. I know the theory behind time management, but the execution can be difficult sometimes.
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