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I thought the above a pretty darn accurate and insightful response.
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^^^ Wow, that's really right on the money, Wind-Up Rex. I can def. see what you mean about the difference between NFJ and NFP, it's really a difference between Fe and Fi expression. I def. agree with the emotional touchstone part as well as our need to go out and explore, and come back to a set of understanding and supporting ears. My ex-boyfriend was my emotional touchstone and I stayed with him for a while because he was my rock, even though there were so many issues.

Definitely really, really insightful. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you both. Love for me is really about providing for the other person's needs to the best of your abilities. Understanding those needs always happens on an unspoken and more instinctual level for me, so I'm grateful to hear that I hadn't missed the mark too much when I express these things out loud. Thanks for your feedback.