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Thread: INFJ and ISFJ

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    Default INFJ and ISFJ

    ls it me or are these two more similar than some of other n/s counterparts?

    l actually have a few questions about an INFJ l've been talking with. So these are directed to INFJs or those familiar with the type:

    l'll start with the alleged excellent relationship dynamic between you and ENTPs. Why do you like ENTPs? l am most likely an ENTP and don't feel like this girl really pays much attention to what l say, not that l'm pouting about not being listened to but l'm saying l think l could be any type and she wouldn't really care.

    What kind of things do you remember from conversations with close friends? She doesn't really remember our conversations, she says she remembers the person's moods, how they make her feel and also physical things like what people wear. Whereas l remember specific things about what people think and say, especially if l like them or consider them a friend. l think most of my liking of people is based on what they think and say so l have no choice but to pay attention to those things. This again leaves me thinking that she isn't really interested in what l say.

    Humor? l don't know if her humor is like mine at all, l don't think so. We do find some of the same things funny but she doesn't seem to like what l guess l'd call Ne humor, not ''random'' per se but just whacky with no real meaning.

    Her humor is more centered on things that 'look' funny like those gifs with people doing uh, ''funny'' things or just pictures of people in unfortunate or outrageous situations. l'm not into it, and then l actually feel like l might be the unimaginative one because l'm not laughing at things that ''could'' be funny but l've never liked that kind of humor lol. She does use sarcasm, not heavily though but neither do l, l am more deadpan which l don't think she always gets. Though she could trolling me or just not acknowledging that she gets it, l don't expect anything like OMG THAT'S SO CRAZY AND FUNNY I LOVE ENTPS ZOMG GOLDFISH<33

    *rant rant*. Finally, l'm just considering the possibility she's hard to get to know, but l'm not seeing a really similar communication style(although l do like her for some reason).

    So, typical INFJ? ISFJ? In between?

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    Yeah, I think my girlfriend would fit your description, and she is ISFJ. Doesn't prove anything, but it might be a hint.
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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