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    Quote Originally Posted by Nihon View Post
    Thank you!! Sometimes I think less than 10% who take the MBTI actually bother to try understanding personality theory. It's a wonderful occasion when I come across someone like you who has really done some research and isn't interested in lying to themselves. Everyone thinks they're an NF or an NT even though iNtuitives are the rarest and most difficult to come across. They say "because the test said so" but the accuracy of the test is always based on the test taker's willingness to be honest with themselves. I get sick of everyone lying to themselves all the time. I know that no one wants to say they have trouble understanding really complex things or that they don't catch on right away or whathaveyou, and I know that a lot of people are secretly conceited and don't want to admit to themselves that they're not secretly geniuses that are just misunderstood by their friends. Highly abstracts concepts can be interesting to most people but that . But people need to face reality at least once in their life... let it be about their personality.

    You also pointed out that the MBTI falsely correlates T traits with low accommodation and F traits with high levels of accommodation (and pretty much claims that the relationship is totally causal). This is another one of those things that's just silly. For me, it happens to be true, but for my boyfriend, it's completely false. He's definitely a Thinker but he's frighteningly accommodating. People need to understand that saying when someone is wrong or pointing out flaws in a system isn't unaccommodating and - for an INTJ who, Socionically speaking, has almost no understanding of how Se power struggles and societal hierarchies work - it's definitely not meant to be a point of conflict. It's just honesty. A simple discussion about objective truth. INTPs may be more interested in the hierarchies but INTJs actually fear conflict in some cases, just as much as INFJs. The placement of Se in the Id or Ego makes just as much of a difference as T and F do, but that still can't always determine someone's inherent level of accommodation.

    You seem like you've really looked into this and know what you're talking about. If you haven't already looked into this, go to At first (and maybe 20th) glace, it lacks the kid-friendly simplicity of the MBTI. I believe that's the reason it's so much less popular. It takes effort to learn about Sociotypes and understand them. But when you do, it will probably be the most rewarding experience you've had with personality theory for some time. The focus on functions is far greater and that sets it apart from the MBTI in a very positive way. Once you understand how that system works, it feels like you've achieved some kind of transcendence (Depp movie that everyone should watch - the Christian Science Monitor gave it a bad rating because the religious possibilities scare them) of the MBTI that you didn't even know existed.
    Yes I think in terms of Socionics being confrontational is going to be the turf of the Se Gammas rather than the Ni Gammas though the Ni types are the Ts...INTJ will come across as a pseudo victim and ESFP a pseudo aggressor. Se Te loops could be equally as terrifying in an ESFP as an ENTJ. My ESFP mother threatened to shoot me at 3 am because I walked into the kitchen in my nightgown and didn't know her husband was passed out on the couch. My mother is generally a kind and permissive woman who is gentle with animals and children and plays the role of class clown or cheerleader for most of her life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freeeekyyy View Post
    INFPs seem "deeper," and to have a better insight into moral behavior, but ENFPs seem less selfish and more concerned about others. They also seem more innovative, due to dominant Ne. Of course, this is just my personal experiences, and I'm sure its less to do with type than the people I've known.
    yeah :/. we're basically the sadder, more pathetic version of ENFP

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    It's weird reading my posts in this thread when I identified as ENFP. I still have the same feelings of confusion and frustration. Still see INFPs as simply different. I think there is an e4 thing going on here that I don't get because I still don't get it. Sorry Scott for all the fuss.

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