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Hey ENFPs, since you are one of the most charming of types, I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the kinds of people and scenarios that have a draw on you. This can combine friendship and romantic relationships. I've been friends and co-workers with a number of ENFPs, especially since I work in the creative arts. I find ENFPs interesting because they are fellow iNtuitive-dominants, but yet opposite in many ways from INFJs. On rare occasion I find it difficult to know which way to type someone as INFJ or ENFP. I also often find myself feeling a bit more drawn to the ENFP charisma than what I think is returned. Anyway, if there is anything you would like to share about your ideals and attachments in the social world, it could be interesting to hear about. Cheers.
In folks that are my INFJ friends, I gravitate towards them because they are sort of seriously watching the whole world but then not taking too much of it that seriously. It is that quiet watchfulness which is interesting. I then find they have a sense of pragmatic reality that makes me giggle a bit, combined with wisdom and they often call me out on my own crap, when i take myself too seriously.

What has driven me from a few INFJs is using an almost interrogative approach to learning about my emotional state-an occasional question is okay, but at some point I will deflect to another topic and the INFJ just keeps probing-until a great deal of trust is reached, I only share bits of information about how I feel.

I also recognize they possess an inner quirky, similar to my externalized quirky, so there is a sense of similarity there.

I like to listen to my INFJ friends more so that most others...I think it is because I cant predict where they are going, due to the Fe/Ti diff, so they end up taking my down thought paths I wouldnt have considered on my own-that wisdom combined with novel, unique perspective is very interesting to engage with.