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Thank you... it does. For a while I was totally obsessive about the relationship. Since I'm sort of in a lull career-wise right now, his and my relationship has really taken a front seat in terms of important things in my life, and I can imagine she's probably sick of hearing about it. Everyone probably is. But I really have made an effort to cut down on it.

The more I think about it the more I think that I just have to shift my expectations of our friendship to better fit what she and I can reasonably do. I guess it's just that once you have the stability and comfort of having someone close, you try to have them fit that role you need instead of trying to look for someone else. She's not the bubbly sweet silly flexible creative close friend I think I really desire... I had a few good friends like that in college and a friend like that in middle school and I really miss them... and I haven't been expecting her to be that, but I think I've been disappointed that she isn't. I deserve and she deserves for me to seek that elsewhere.
I am betting that she still values your friendship to a great deal but she probably has a lot going on in her life (chances are, she downplayed her problems as not to worry you... if she is anything like me).

But then again, that could just be projection on my part. Haha