Well, tonight I was with my daughter at the grocery store. We were walking along at a normal pace side by side when I happened to look over my shoulder and see this guy looking like he wanted to get around us. IOW, he looked like he was about ready to run my daughter down because he was in a hurry. I said something to my daughter and she quickly moved out of his way.

When we finished getting what we wanted, my daughter went to the restroom and I went to the check-out. And there was that guy, standing around looking at the DVD display like he had all the time in the world. Suddenly I was pissed and had a strong urge to tell him what I thought of someone acting like they were in such a big damn hurry that they had to well nigh trample my daughter when they had time to putz around looking at movies.

I gave him the stink eye but didn't say anything because I knew it was overreacting, especially since my daughter is nearly twenty and a good four inches taller than I am. God, though, what a dick.