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    Default INFJ ranting about development

    Hey all!

    This is my first action since registering with the site, so please excuse me if I am posting in the wrong area

    Nine months ago, three months before my first MBTI test, I completely shut down after a solid three/four years of extroverted people pleasing (ages 13-17). This teenage period of my life involved attending social events when I felt like being alone, and just overall putting the needs of others before my own. However one night I honestly experience a eureka moment, and i understood that being introverted was not a negative attribute. Up until that point in my life I had it set in my mind that if you were in a social situation and you were not controlling the 'flow' of the groups emotions/conversation then you were merely a sheep to whomever so was. Once I understood that it felt good to be alone, to think to ones self without the influence of others was re-energizing, allowing you to compile information and truly understand the world.

    However this understanding of myself did not apply itself slowly, in fact it was quite rapid. One day I was talkative and slightly domineering, then the next I was reserved to the point of being a social outcast. This didn't exactly tide well with others either, there were those that enjoyed my extroverted side that when I refused to deliver it to them they felt especially hurt, assuming that they were the reason I was treating them differently instead of coming to terms with who I am.

    This quick alteration of my personality lead me to refusing to use my extroverted side, I resorted to using my two introverted features, Ni and Ti, resulting in many a doctor appointment, prescriptions to anti depressants and psychologist counselling, resulting in a Avoidant Personality diagnosis. During this phase however I had no clue what was wrong with me, or why I suddenly acted in a new way. After three months of living this way, not truly knowing who I was, I walked into my college classroom and was presented with a lesson on "Team Dynamics", primarily the MBTI.

    Once the class was concluded we were assigned out types after performing tests and group exercises, I came up as INTP. I new originally that something wasn't quite spot on about my typing, and continued to study the theory of the cognitive functions and typed myself as an INFJ. After reading the description of INFJ's it became obvious to me that was who I am. And as such has allowed me to grow as an individual that no longer feels like they relate with no one.

    Just the other week, the same teacher conducted the same MBTI workshop with a new group of students, I asked if I could sit in and be retested, he agreed, and after answering all the questions with as much truth as I could muster I was typed an INFJ.

    TL;DR - I was lost and confused with who I am and an understanding of the MBTI made me realize who I was. Please discuss if this has happened to you or people you know, and how it has helped them develope

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    It's important to take the test as if you were home where you feel safe and don't have to conform to outside influences. People usually test off if they're thinking of themselves in a work environment or school environment. Also, it's important not to let parents or friends influence your decisions because their advice or what they expect from you will go along with their type, not yours.

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