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    Default You may be right, I may be crazy, but......

    Chisos mentioned in another thread on that he has been in an INTJ/ENFP relationship for a while. I've read about them on other sites, and some people have indicated their ENFP partner or date drove them crazy or that after years they wore on them.

    If you're an INTJ or ENFP who's been in a relationship with the other type, what bothered you initiallly? eventually? How long were you together? What did you love? What was typical interaction like? How did you rub each other the wrong way? What did you do to work on the relationship? Am I not seeing behind the awesome attraction I feel toward and connection I have with ENFPs to some incompatibility issue?

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    Why stress about it?

    It's very hard to boil relationships down to purely type dynamics. Most of the time issues in relationships stem from something else entirely.
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    At first, I thought he somewhat hated me or disliked me. But criticism is criticsm, not an insult, which I had to adjust to. Eventually I came to love the honesty.

    He loved me, and I loved him too. Usually I was the one to make him angry with jealousy or incorrect use of words (haha). Surprisingly, word choice can be important. Initially the relationship was perfect, so much that he began to become seriously attached and affectionate. And yeah, he's an INTJ! But over time I went out too much, and I guess he didn't like that and started go out as well. So eventually he didn't care as much about spending time with me and stopped telling me he loved me.

    I'm sure I did many things that annoyed him or something. I'm not too sure. AT ALL. Overall, I think it was just the wrong time for us to be together, because of work, friends, school, etc. I'm fairly certain he wants to be with me when I don't have so many things to do, and at a time where his life is stable too. We shall see!

    All I know is that he has never felt like this with anyone else, and I have never felt like this either. It's amazing and it will always be.

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