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    Default INFP characteristics. What sets you apart?

    Hello, I'm relatively new to the forum but hoping you would all be kind enough to help me out. While I am new to the site, I've been into Myers-Briggs for quite a while. Between tests, research, and introspection, I know that I am either an ISFJ or an INFP. Which one suits me more, I'm not sure (I always test close to the S/N line as well as the J/P line, but I do know that I have some combination of Si-Ne/Ne-Si, which at least rules out ISFP and INFJ). At times I feel I am very ISFJ, and other times I feel I am very INFP. On most occasions I feel I am both simultaneously.

    So I was hoping any INFPs out there (or those who know them well) could help me out by posting key characteristics that set INFPs apart from all other types. I'm looking for fresh, personal insight here, not just your run-of-the-mill mbti lists of traits. Things you see in yourself or others that immediately and uniquely tell you they are an INFP and not any other type.

    I'll just posted a similar thread in the SJ section of the forum as well. Thanks in advance for your help! :)

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    I won't be able to give you a straight answer. However, the ISFJs I've met tend to be filled with ideas which they tell you about (sometimes ramble) all the time, and then they ask you what you think...and they're just as happy when they hear something in opposition (if the opposition is not immense)! They're a bit silly (not in a negative sense, usually), I find. You see frustration when they're angry.

    As for INFPs, they tend to be a bit more quiet and go on their own way. They tend to constantly tie something back to their own moral code, but they don't just bring out their ideas for the sake of it: if you want to hear an INFPs views on X, get them into a conversation about it: they usually don't start a conversation on it or make any remarks unless you're a close friend. You see sadness when they're angry (though they're frustrated inside, they tend to twist their emotion when displaying it).

    These are just some observations I've made based on the ISFJs and INFPs I've met.
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