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    Default Will the rise of emtional literacy benefit feelers?

    Will the rise of theories about emotional literacy, emotional intelligence and multiple intelligences, ie social intelligence, emotional intelligence, intellectual, benefit feeling types?

    I dont mean right away but there are efforts to introduce these ideas as a sort of meta-narrative or leit motif for education, health and social services in the future, alongside attachment theories and others (which are essentially theories about causative factors in present/potential emotional literacy outcomes/consequences).

    Its the channel or framework within which much of the discussions about randomised testing, comparative practice models and diversifications are discussed. Acknowledgely so or unacknowledgely so.

    The essential political differences I believe are about the role of formal vs. informal, institutional vs. popular/organic, essentially (still) the proper sphere of government too but its all kinds of unconscious and unacknowledged because the differing schools of thought dont speak the same language, sometimes appear largely ignorant of one another or suspiscious and besides economic conditions and power of relative elites/classes willingness to bankroll it all is still a deciding factor.

    However, whether its organic/informal or state/institutional (professional?) emotional literacy is here to say and a benchmark of success in the way material production, longevity/life expectancy once was, so is the sort of world which would result one which would benefit feeling types? Either as it emphasises healthy, adjusted feeling states, organised states as opposed to disorganised ones or positively discriminates infavour of the ideal of adjusted feeling types?

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    awesome thread.

    i would like to say it gives me (perhaps as a T>F user) a better conceptual tool-set with which i can make sense of emotional situations - both stemming from others and myself - and reduces the need to repress emotional dissonance when it conflicts with my need to resolve cognitive dissonance. so it definitely has the potential to affects both sides of the dichotomy in a rather different way.

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    It will help people who are emotionally illiterate...

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