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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    Nope, this is a thread about ENFPs. Don't care about ENTP feelings
    Nobody.. Ever.. Cares
    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    No, I don't really feel like I understand TPs in general well. It's such a different valuation process. My experience is that there is often much misunderstanding of judgment from both sides.
    Okey lets do the enfp dance, *takes a bow*

    I have a question if anybody cares to answer: how do all these emotions impact decision making in high stakes personal situations (say dating, moving, robbing a bank...)? I m curious to hear about the Fi side of things
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    You guys are really charming and its annoying/deceiving lol

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    I'm not an ENFP but I will say it in three words: Flighty Con Men. But I possess the same amoral Ne inside of me - where it could argue that it needs to overturn and demolish a city to looking for a pot of gold buried underneath only to lose interest half way and go and pursue another possibility, leaving a trail of ruin and everyone else at a big disadvantage as the sole outcome!

    Coupled with Fi and Te to help you organise yourself towards said possibility and you have one potentially very dodgy bastard. Remember to take the ENFP seriously because they are very serious business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EcK View Post
    do you feel you know what motivates entps to action ?
    do you?
    -> which actually brings me to my question (to ENFPs):

    do you people experience anything similar to.. having to figure out what it is that you are feeling?

    a.k.a. "hmmm i don't want X to happen so that means i care about Y and i really want to do Z so that mean Y could represents V... wait, am i feeling W? no, doesn't sound right... back to the drawing board" (a bit of an extreme but since it isn't verbal i am trying to depict a picture here)

    or does Fi mean you always just KNOW what it is you are feeling about anything? does Fi automate the process?

    i'm not talking about the most intense overwhelming emotions (being overwhelming is what defines them as highly visible within the realm of experience in the first place), but rather in the more general sense.

    edit: or maybe Fi pushes up all your emotions are overwhelming? * scratches head*

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