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    Default What I like about you...say what you LIKE about other types...

    Okay, this thread is light-hearted. Tell something you like about one or more other types. Maybe we could take turns I'll go first and name 7 things I like about an INFP.

    1. subtle sense of humor
    2. quirky and odd [I love quirky people]
    3. quick mind
    4. great insights
    5. desire for sincerity
    6. good writers, poets [the ones I know are]
    7. honest with her opinions [sometimes I have to make myself get in the right frame of mind to appreciate this one, BUT I know I can count on my INFP friends to give me a truthful opinion.]

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    I know very little about types that aren't INFP but I do have a couple of friends (they're twins) who I think may be ESFJ (if I recall correctly) and I really admire their openness and willingness to accept others with much less scrutiny & judgement than I do.
    I'm never wrong, I'm just sometimes less right

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    Not to be frank, but this is sooo NF.

    Well, let's get started, ...

    ESFPs - Cause they can always gear you toward some adventure, usually quite fitting for the senses. ESFPs with good Fi, are usually the ones that I can communicate well with and it's interesting hanging out with them above all. They can be very interesting and whole hearted people if they choose to be.

    ESTPs - daredevils in the moment. also a source of adventure.

    INFJs - mystical and just have this aura to them that just feels comfortable and that I could just get lost in it for awhile.

    INTPs - stand by free thinking and there's something very reassuring about people who can be independent and be so intellectually curious and slightly rebellious in that sense. The rational rebels. And I feel they get my way of life, (eg: seeing all the deeper possibilities), more than other types.

    ENFPs - a constant source of inspiration. They stick with their guns when most other people, even if I don't see the worth of them sticking with their guns, and it usually pays off for them in the end, cause they're usually right about things.

    ENTPs - Refreshing perspectives which I find very intellectually inspirational/motivational, and can stand up for these perspectives whether other people happen to like it or not. From the ones I've met, I think they help the general consensus more than they know and are 'wanted', as in they, 'have a place' more than they think others give them credit for.

    IxTJs - accepting of personal values but also can take me back to reality in a genuine understandable way. One INTJ I know was someone who always stood up for me when the other kids in high school where being hostile toward me for no reason and pointed out the current situation in a way that i thought was extremely genuine and that helped me cope with reality if anything.

    ENFJs - haven't really "met you" met you yet, but I'm guessing they're also really awesome and genuinely good people.

    xSFJs - The ones I've known truly know how to help other people. They're also really dutiful and take care of all those detailed things that would make me go insane, and well, I guess they help me in that sense also.

    ExTJs - really down to earth kind of people. But I think they're intuitive nature is really reassuring, and it brings this sort of mentoring thing to INFPs, when positive.
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    Thanks, Ponyboy...[love your title btw...reminds of The Outsiders novel by S.E. Hinton] I don't know if I know any ESFJs in real life [I probably do but can't think of them right now] But I have wondered what they are mostly like!

    Flameskull "this is sooo NF"....yep, of course it is! Haha. I love this run down of types you've done. Great insights. I loved reading your assessments and was sitting here nodding my head, saying, "yeah, I can see that."

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    ESFP: easy to talk to / act like a child with, haha. charismatic and creative, usually appreciates a wide variety of personalities. good connectors, as everyone is drawn to them.
    INFJ: extremely eloquent and self-assured. never too open (ex. histrionic or untrustworthy). strong sense of direction, which I envy
    ISTP: almost N-like creativity and humor, balanced with a very down to earth attitude. I've never seen an ISTP drag others into their own problems.
    ESTP: hilarious and engaged. really fun to be around.
    ENTP: possibly even better at drawing people together than ESFx's. highly intelligent, amazing writers. funny and interested in everything.
    ENFJ: best of everything, really -- so well-rounded. idealists, but share some of the best traits of guardians, artisans, and sometimes rationals (Keirsey temperaments)
    ESFJ: many people seem to write this type off as boring and people-pleasing, but to me, their understanding/use of social dynamics is mind-blowing, a very respectable type of intelligence. extremely dependable.
    ISFJ: surprisingly funny when you get to know them. compassionate; great depth of feeling, but not lost in the clouds.

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    To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
    ~ Elbert Hubbard

    Music provides one of the clearest examples of a much deeper relation between mathematics and human experience.

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    I'll go with people I've typed IRL...

    ESTJ - ambition, discipline

    INFP - seemingly no mean streak, boisterousness

    ESFx - making friends across all kinds of boundaries

    ESFJ - willingness to help, sweetness

    ESxP - emphasis on fun, humor

    IxTx - no gullibility, skilled

    ISFP - deep, mysterious

    neutral good
    intrapersonal intelligence

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    xNFP: Principled, kind, direct; loyal friends

    xNFJ: Nurturing, thoughtful, affirming

    xSTJ (my people!): Great at simplifying things to Point A --> Point B --> Point C, even when everyone else is confused and/or upset

    xSTP: No bullshit, ever
    EJCC: "The Big Questions in my life right now: 1) What am I willing to live with? 2) What do I have to live with? 3) What can I change for the better?"
    Coriolis: "Is that the ESTJ Serenity Prayer?"

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    1w2/7w8/3w4 so/sx (enneagram)
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    want to ask me something? go for it!

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