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=Don't be discouraged and have some compassion for yourself. I'm guessing that you are either in your late teens or maybe early twenties and if this is the case know that you have lots of time to find Mr right.=

Your friend
thank you...as embarassing as it is to admit, i am actually 23. i just have barely any long term relationship experience. only a lot of sexual flings and probably immature for my age. a loooot of issues with emotional intimacy and trust and self-esteem due to abuse in my past

but again as i said in the previous post..trying to focus all of my energy now on _me_ and getting out of this situation

mostly feel under a lot of pressure to find "the one" due to my completely abysmal relationship with my family. the less contact i have with them the better i feel but then i have to face the idea of being alone, which is why this failed relationship (due to my own problems with insecurity, lashing out, emotional issues) has been difficult.. the idea of losing the first person i've ever loved and been in awe of but the chance at a new family