I am an INFP with an INFJ younger sister. I don't spend a lot of time talking to her these days, but when I do the issue seems to be that she wants things final and settled and I like to explore things further. I'll be in a conversation with her and she'll insist that she needs to get going, cutting me off. I'm supposed to take a flight to see her and it annoyed her so much that I was having second doubts about it due to my irrational fear of flying in an airplane. The family dynamic is kind of screwed up by having an INFJ little sister, that being a stronger personality than the carefree INFP type that I am. She's got a house, a steady boyfriend of many years, a career. I have none of those things, and I have a feeling she doesn't respect me for it, though she has never made this plain and probably never will. Overall though I am proud of her, I think she is a good person, although a little too hateful of human beings (she rehabilitates wildlife).