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    Quote Originally Posted by JivinJeffJones View Post
    I'm ashamed to admit that what tends to get me laughing the loudest is Jackass/Japanese-gameshow style sadistic moronic humour. Usually when something goes wrong and someone is in a lot of pain, or is retching uncontrollably. I don't actually watch much of it, but that's what seems to tickle my fancy. I blame it on having an INTJ father.

    That isn't to say I don't enjoy more subtle kinds of humour, they just don't make me laugh until it hurts.
    Reminds me of Japanese game show where the guys are subjected to stupid things to provoke laughter. Only problem is that if they laugh, they get smacked from behind with a kendo stick. This vid is a snippet from the show, so not the whole thing and not translated:

    I wouldn't last on this show. Probably get my ass kicked so bad wouldn't be able to sit right for days.

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    Fia, subtle facial reactions...yes, that IS good!


    Thank you. I agree that a person's sense of humor says so much about them. I'm GLAD you don't have a sadistic sense of humor. Yeah, character humor is funny. I love quirky characters. Back in the nineties on the sitcom Friends I loved the character Estelle, the literary agent. That woman was just a hoot to me.

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