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    Default NFPs: do you have a good/ accurate memory?

    Hi there!

    I'm curious to know if other NFPs have an accurate memory, because, I don't know if it's a over-developed Si-function thing, but I can remember things very easily: facts, dates, addresses, phone numbers, varied information, sensory information in general, feelings, and detailed data (for example, about conversations, happenings), etc... even if it is in a distant past. It has been a characteristic of mine since I was a child.

    Do other NFPs experience anything like this? Do you know someone similar (if yes, what's her/ his type)? Does it has anything to do with functions, or it's something (tottaly) apart of this?

    Waiting for feedback!
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    I could remember everything in very great detail when I was younger. The younger I was, the more I used to notice and therefore remember in great detail. I was also very talkative to answering any questions I'm asked very quickly. I was also known for instantly (and I mean instantly!) noticing things like a new haircut (even if it's just a little trimmed hair), something out of place, new phone or clothes, etc..

    As I grew older, I can't remember so many things but I also don't notice so many things. This can be related to my deteriorated eyesight and poor diet. I still notice sounds and smells very well and much better than anyone else I know to date, but that's not so much related...

    Noticing - Se, remembering - Si, that's how I see it.

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    When I was younger say like 7 or 8 up through my teens I could remember everything, if I bothered to notice it in the first place. Ideas, concepts, concrete details of the world, everything.

    Now, not so much. I remember ideas very well. The way things hang together (networks of people, interfaces between computer applications) and the implications of all those little hangings together.

    What someone said to me or something I did yesterday? No chance.

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    It's easy to say I have a good memory compared to others but its possible that the reasons for this may be that I am just remembering less, my brain choosing to remember only a few key elements in depth which are of relevance to the present day.

    From what I recall the long term memory is in a different part of the brain as the short term. I often forget details which happened minutes ago, sometimes seconds. If the data can survive long enough it finds itself stored in the archives, where it is remembered for years.

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    i have a very good visual memory. if i write it down, then it's pretty much permanent.

    experiential memory, kind of blows.

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    I have a shocking memory overall.

    This is mostly about everyday things; names, faces, dates, things to do, "OMG where I put my sunglasses/keys/water down less than 30 seconds ago?" etc. I've learn to just accept that there isn't anything I can do about it so I've stopped trying to remember. If someone tells me the date and location of some event I'm going to, I just nod and pretend like it's registered but in reality it's gone in one ear and out the other. I then wait for the email or text or official invitation to arrive (or will ring up someone else that's going at the last minute to find out) because if I don't have it written down where I can check it multiple times, I'd never manage it.

    It's so bad that if there is crucial information I must remember or something I must do, I get extremely anxious and totally overcompensate. When I was bridesmaid for my friend, on the day of the wedding I got up 2 hours earlier than I really needed to; stressed about every detail on a list I had written myself; and quadruple checked that I had the all the things I needed. I didn't actually have much to do but I was so incredibly stressed at the level of responsibility and the total lack of room for error, that I was in a complete state of terror leading up to it. I basically have to assume I'm a total incompetent idiot in order to make sure things get done.

    I do have a knack for remembering useless information though - this makes me good at things like pub quizzes. I will also remember strange details about people before I will remember their name. Novelty and relational information (ie. how things all fit together) is the only way to override my sieve-like mind. Basically, if my Ne isn't sufficiently engaged, I'm going to forget.
    INFP 4w5 so/sp

    I've dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas;
    they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.

    - Emily Bronte

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    I have a selectively good memory. I remember things that are interesting enough to stand out or have personal significance, and to hell with all the rest.

    My short-term ability to remember things that I'm trying to remember is excellent. Makes cramming for tests super easy.

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    @op - Are you/xnfps absent minded? They seems to be forgetting things all the time, misplacing things, burning places down - literally, etc.

    This is probably a Ne thing. Infact all NPs seem to be guilty of being absent minded which could be easily explained through the Ne-function.

    Maybe NPs who are Sp doms are not prone to it?

    Hmm.. Come to think of it SPs seem to be absent minded/forgetful too. Istps not as much as the rest.

    Oddly enough the most clever people i've met are xnfps, though they might not be interested in utilizing their talents to the extreme.

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    I've got an awesome memory for personally significant dates (and tons of things count as significant), and other random emotionally significant things/ interesting trivia, but when it comes to remembering tasks and deadlines my only hope is pretty much a notebook/smartphone

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    I have a great memory for things that are meaningful, interesting, conceptual and/or quirky. I have a terrible memory for mundane collections of facts that lack a unifying concept or theme. Also, I find numbers somewhat difficult to hold onto exactly (dates, years, exact totals and percentages, etc).

    I always thought I was terrible at rote memorization until I was in a study group in college (I almost never did study groups). Turns out I memorized just fine, I just hated and resented having to do so.

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