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Thread: 4w3 XNFX?

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    Hi, hoping I'm not too late to join the party, I see the latest post was I last month, so... Anyways, I am an enfj 4w3 sp female, and while I can see where many of you'd say this girl could be an enfj 4w3, at the same time if like to say that many of the things you are using as your reasons for typing her as such are not necessarily the most accurate or best reasons. Who knows maybe I just don't like the idea of it because I feel like although yes she must understand how to influence people, to me at least, it seems awfully negative and manipulative. Yeah, an unhealthy 4w3 could be a bit of a diva, but hopefully she grows up a bit in time and remembers to not use her strength in such destructive ways. It will only get her so far in this world. Oh well, I am 28 and in nursing school, where the melodrama has to be scaled back a bit anyway, so that could be why I use my ability to influence others more like a fine blade than a hammer like your friend seems to be doing... :/
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