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    Quote Originally Posted by cascadeco View Post
    My INFJ friend when under a lot of stress at work (she's had a few stressful periods over the past several years) says she just starts feeling super incompetent, isn't able to keep on top of things well, becomes more scatterbrained, but has never cited having emotional outbursts in front of others; if anything she becomes more withdrawn; I'd say from personal experience she also becomes more avoidant. She told me her 'outbursts' at work would involve going into the bathroom stalls and crying; so most of the emotion was tucked away from coworkers, it's just they would have noticed a decrease in the quality of her work and her being much more withdrawn.

    I have to think enneagram would also tie into this and there'd be variation based on enneagram type too.
    I agree that withdrawal under stress is a typical INFJ trait - first from others and then if intense enough from self as well. The Ni-Fe combination is dangerous for depression because it can construct global systems of negative emotion that go beyond present circumstance and apply to all of reality, so an individual negative event represents a large-scale negative phenomenon. The resulting existential isolation can create a cycle of withdrawal when emotions overwhelm leading to a burn-out of all emotional circuitry leaving some INFJs in a complete fog of detachment and numbness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alcea rosea View Post
    I've been observing the behavior of this one woman for some time now. She is in a stressfull place and the sterss has been going on for some time now (around 6 months). I "know" that her type is INFJ or INTJ. I was wondering if her response to the stressfull situation is more typical to INFJ's or INTJs.

    Her stress behavior:
    She has become extremely emotional and gets really big emotional outbursts about things. She is still quite logical but her emotional response is not in line with subjects she talks about (it seems almost like something else is bothering her than what she talks about). She has become extremely picky on details while she is not normally like that (I mean she likes things are "the right way" but she isn't usually picky about details). She is rude to other people even if it's not her normal behavior. It seems that her main point these days is to show how wrong other people are. She isn't usually emotional at all (it's not seen) and she is usually very logical and sees the big picture.

    What do you say? Typical stress behavior of INFJ or INTJ?
    Sounds more INFJ to me. INTJs are more likely to become stubborn or passive aggressive when their in their 'lower selves' while INFJs are more likely to become critical or even cruel either by exploiting logical flaws in someone else's approach or using their Fe to find a soft spot and driving a dagger through it.

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